Medical University of Lublin

Faculty of Pharmacy with Medical Analytics Division

Faculty: Faculty of Pharmacy with Medical Analytics Division

Level of study: uniform master-level

Form of study: full-time (inmural) and part-time (extramural)

Duration of the programme of study: 5 years (10 semesters) and a 6-month work placement at a pharmacy

The number of study hours: not less than 5300

ECTS: not less than 330


The programme, which prepares future pharmacists for professional and research activity, is based on in-depth knowledge and ethical values. Not only does it prepare the graduates for dispensing medicines but also for participating in healthcare provision and health promotion. After they have defended their thesis, the students do a 6-month work placement at a pharmacy. On completion of the work placement, the graduates are awarded a master’s diploma in pharmacy which entitles them to obtain the right to practice the profession from an appropriate pharmaceutical chamber. Receiving the diploma opens a broad range of opportunities to work in pharmacies in Poland and other countries of the European Union without the necessity to nostrify the diplomas.

The programme involves an obligatory traineeship:


  • 1 month in a community pharmacy (on completion of the third year of the programme)
  • 1 month in a hospital pharmacy (on completion of the fourth year of the programme)
  • 6 months in either a community or a hospital pharmacy after a successful master’s defense.


The programme offers four specialization blocks:


  • pharmaceutical analysis
  • plant-based medication
  • advances in pharmacotherapy
  • industrial pharmacy

which provide students with ample opportunity to develop their interests and extend their knowledge of the chosen scientific discipline.


The programme provides our students with the knowledge and skills necessary to:


  • prepare, manufacture and assess the quality and identity of drug products; dispense drugs and medical products; supervise the sales, storage and use of medical and therapeutic products; provide reliable and objective information regarding the effect of medical products as well as their use in accordance with the rules of rational pharmacotherapy; conduct chemical, pharmaceutical, pharmacological, toxicological research on therapeutic products; carry out clinical trials and therapeutic drug monitoring;
  • monitor adverse reactions to medical products;
  • participate in continuing professional development;
  • handle management in the field of pharmacy.



  • community and hospital pharmacies as well as pharmaceutical wholesalers;
  • pharmaceutical industry and various employers responsible for launching new medical products on the market;
  • various healthcare institutions which conduct clinical trials and therapeutic drug monitoring and those which monitor adverse reactions to medical products;
  • pharmaceutical inspection and other government institutions concerned with pharmacy and healthcare;
  • control and measurement units, hygiene, food testing, medical diagnostics and environmental protection laboratories;
  • research units, manufacturing companies, cosmetics and chemical testing laboratories;
  • analytical testing laboratories.

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