Medical University of Lublin

Medical Examination


Every student is obliged to submit to the Front Desk a medical evaluation confirming that they are able to commence medical studies and a medical certificate for sanitary-epidemiological purposes.

Final due date for newly admitted students: November 1, 2019
Students who have not completed it yet: IMMEDIATELY

Please see the instruction below:

1. Documents to be taken with you to a doctor: identity document (passport), most recent medical evaluation (if you have one), laboratory test results (maximum 4 weeks old – if you have any), X-ray chest picture (maximum 2 years old – if you have one)

2. Examination and tests can be carried out at any facility* chosen by a student. To do so, students need to get a referral form from the University’s Dean Office before they go to any establishment.
Sanitary-epidemiological laboratory tests should be done as specified in a referral form, that is: Powiatowa Stacja Sanitarno-Epidemiologiczna at ul. Uniwersytecka 12, Lublin.


Please note that the referral form is valid only for 30 days.


3. Where to go first:

  •  First go to Powiatowa Stacja Sanitarno-Epidemiologiczna at ul. Uniwersytecka 12, Lublin, to do the sanitary-epidemiological laboratory tests. (free of charge with valid referral form)
  •  Buy “książeczka zdrowia” (a booklet for sanitary-epidemiological tests results) in the newsagents near Uniwersytecka 12. (around 5 PLN)
  •  Pick up lab tests results and set an appointment with occupational health physician in a chosen medical clinic*.
  •  Take any documents you have from point 1, the lab test results and the booklet with you for an appointment with occupational health physician. Do all examination and tests that the doctor assigns you to do. After getting all results, go to the occupational health physician again. You should get from a doctor:
    •  medical certificate stating that there are no contraindications to commence studies at Medical University of Lublin,
    •  medical certificate for sanitary-epidemiological purposes
  •  Bring both medical certificates you received to the Front Desk of the Dean’s Office – the medical results are only for you.


4. Obligatory examination and tests:  

  •  Bacteriological stool test for Salmonella and Shigella infections (sanitary-epidemiological lab tests)
  •  Medical examination with issuing medical certificates (see above)
  •  Bilirubin and ALT (alanine aminotransferase) tests
  •  Chest X-ray

Recommended for medical students/ not compulsory:

  •  HIV Ab

Even if you had some tests done in your country, you have to be seen and examined by the Polish Occupational Health Physician (by law – Regulation of the Minister of Health of 26th March 2015) who will confirm that you are in good health and hence able to commence medical studies. The doctor will issue a health certificate and sign it.


* Top Medical has English speaking doctors and staff, but you are free to choose any clinic

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