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Free medical workshops!

Free medical workshops! Exchanges all over the world! Cultural meetings! Social projects! 樂  How to be involved in all of them? Jion our Informative Meeting of IFMSA-Poland Lublin LC! All English Division MUL students are welcome WHEN: 26.10.2021, 8.30 pm WHERE: on-line on MSTeams Join our event here: Who are we? IFMSA is an international organization for students. Our goal is to show English Division students how to get involved in medical and social life in Lublin. Free medical workshops where each of you can gain practical skills in various fields of medicine.

Our social and public health projects in which we help society to develop, often using our medical knowledge by participating in preventive actions, by conducting classes in schools, by supporting sick children by bringing a smile to their faces with our cards, and many, many others. Cultural projects - we all love! It is the best time not only to meet new, amazing people but also to discover unknown corners of the world. Other languages, food, culture, we will unveil a large part of the world for you! And in the end EXCHANGES! By being an active member of our association, you have a chance to go on a medical journey to the other side of the world - not only to Europe but also to Asia, South, and North America. Our scientific exchange and clinical practice program will give you a choice from Italy, Brazil, Canada, to South Korea, and Japan. It's more than 100 countries which we can exchange Join today and contact us if you have any questions or doubts! See you soon! Marta Gędek




December 2021