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Photography competition with prizes "BioArt. From the cell to the body."

Medical University of Lublin announces photography competition with prizes "BioArt. From the cell to the body.". The competition is addressed to students of all programs and levels of Medical University of Lublin, including doctorate students.


The aim of the competition is to present the work of beauty and diversity of biological objects: cells, cell structures, tissues, organs and whole living organisms. Photographs are to enable observation of these objects from new, interesting perspectives. Photos can be taken with any digital camera (smartphone, compact, DSLR, etc.) or with laboratory devices and systems (microscopes, x-ray machines, MRI, CT, PET, in vivo imaging systems and imaging of gels and blots).


Closing date for submitting entries is January 31, 2019.




For details and Competition regulations, please see below.

English Division


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