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The multiannual Programme for redevelopment and expansion of the Independent Clinical Hospital No. 1 (SPSK 1) in Lublin

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By Council of Ministers Resolution of 3 November 2015, the Medical University of Lublin obtained financing for the multiannual Programme for redevelopment and expansion of the Independent Clinical Hospital No. 1 (SPSK 1) in Lublin. The investment task, the total value of which is 289 million PLN, is to be carried out between 2016 and 2022.


The Council of Ministers decision is a significant advancement in the quest of University community and its authorities to develop the infrastructure of the aforementioned clinical unit.


The implementation of this investment task will markedly improve educational conditions. It will also enhance the quality of health care services by increasing access to medical care for the population of the region.


The intended effects of the implementation of the Programme include: the creation of Radiotherapy Department, the opening of modern diagnostic laboratories and same day and ambulatory surgery centres, the relocation of treatment units to new buildings, the creation of Mental Health Centre, the purchase of fittings and equipment for the newly built clinics as well as modernization of the already existing hospital departments.


Maximizing the infrastructural potential of SPSK 1 will allow for wider use of modern diagnostic and therapeutic methods.


This investment will also result in further development of the University and its teaching and research assignments to do with the implementation of new training and educational programmes for medical professionals.


We are truly satisfied that our long-term commitment to the development of the Medical University of Lublin has gained the support of national authorities, including the Minister of Health.

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