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Doctor of the year 2016

The debate "Is laughter really health?"

On April 27, a ceremonial gala was held at the Lublin Castle, which summed up the next edition of Kurier Lubelski's "Doctor of the Year 2016" plebiscite. One of the partners of the event was Medical University of Lublin.
Gala was accompanied by the debate "Is laughter really health?" and it was attended by: Teresa Małecka-Massalska MD PhD – rheumatologist, head of the Chair and Department of Human Physiology of Medical University in Lublin, Jacek Kurzepa MD PhD – neurologist, head of the Department of Medical Chemistry of Medical University of Lublin, Dawid Myśliwiec – chemist, youtuber, channel creator "Attention! Scientific gibberish", Ewa Noga – President of the Polish Association of Pedagogues and Animators KLANZA and Marcin Wójcik – founder of Ani Mru-Mru cabaret.
During the gala we had a pleasure to listen to the piano recital of the first-year medical students of American Programme – Markcus Kitchens and Lloyd Succes.



As a result of voting for "Doctor of the Year 2016", the first place among GPs was was won by Piotr Partyka MD. Marzena Pucek, a dentist, won in the the doctor's specialty category. Among public facilities first place was awarded to the Independent Public Clinical Hospital No 4 in Lublin. The best non-public facility was the Arthros Center for Orthopedics and Traumatology.


Congratulations to laureates and all honored!

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