Medical University of Lublin



Students' success during medical competition in Novosibirsk

On April 20-23, students of the Medical University of Lublin, including Anna Roszkowska, Justyna Kwolczak, Kamilia Soltani, Łukasz Świerszcz and Marek Winiarz, took part in the International Medical Tournament 2018, organized by Novosibirsk State University in Russia.


The competition consisted of two stages. On the basis of the results of the correspondence stage, in which 75 teams from eight countries took part, including Albania, Montenegro, Ireland, Germany, Poland and Serbia, only 12 qualified for the finals.


The task of the representatives of our university was to solve difficult medical cases and then to present the final diagnosis and diagnostic process to clinicians from various European countries. After the last two days of the final stage, the team from Lublin proved to be the second best team.

English Division


July 2020