Medical University of Lublin

Potassium iodide



Due to numerous questions regarding the University's readiness to distribute potassium iodide preparations in the event of a radiation emergency, we would like to inform you that the Lublin City Authorities have planned to distribute the preparation for residents and people staying in the city at the municipal points for dispensing potassium iodide tablets. You can find the list of these places on the following page:


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In addition, we are considering the option that potassium iodide will be distributed among our students, PhD students and employees at the Medical University of Lublin.

Our University is ready to carry out the above variant. As soon as the city authorities decide to implement the above-mentioned method of distribution, an appropriate message will be sent to you immediately.

Please read the following directions for taking the preparation:

Leaflets will be available at the point of distribution, including information on the dosage of the preparation and contraindications.



February 2023



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