Medical University of Lublin

University Hospitals and Main Premises

Independent Public Clinical Hospital No 4 in Lublin 

Jaczewskiego 8 


Established in 1964 






•  the biggest hospital in Lublin voivodship  

•  over 900 beds 

•  4 wards 

•  38 highly specialized clinics 

•  23 surgery theatres 

•  1 hybrid room 

•  674 medical doctors 

•  1145 nurses and midwives 

•  Over 50.000 patients per year 

•  Over 13 000 surgeries per year 

•  127 941 advises from specialized clinics per year 

•  Over 30 000 computed tomography per year 

•  2 MRI scans 

•  3 CAT scans 

•  23 RTG  


•  ISO certificates 

•  CMJ certificate granted by the Ministry of Health 

•  2013 the best healthcare facility- award granted by patients 

•  Since the year 2000 the nurses from PSK4 hospital have been nominated for thenational contest for the best nurses in Poland 

Hospital Innovations 

•  Pilot project on treatment of  ischemic stroke via mechanical thrombectomy (CITO) 

•  Construction of robot supporting Alzheimer patients  

•  Treatment patients with brain cancer  with the use of nanoparticles 

•  Endovascular  procedures 

•  programmes for the early detection of RA and osteoporosis  

•  comprehensive  treatment for patients with lung cancer 

•  Drug programs 

•  Parenteral nutrition 

•  The littlest premature baby in Poland 

•  European Training Centre in Obstetrics  and Gynaecology  

•  Innovation Therapies Centre 

Additional Information 

Department of Neurology  #SPSK4 directed by prof. n. med. Konrad Rejdak  as one of the first clinic in Poland implanted the patient with epilepsy a deep brain stimulator, which  inhibit seizures and give the patient a chance to run normal life. 

Planned modernisation 

The thermo-modernization of the main building and the attached clinic. 

Expansion of both the Gynaecology and Obstetrics Department and the Innovation Therapy Centre. 

Reconstruction and expansion including purchase of equipment for Cardiology Department and newly built East Centre of Treating Cardiovascular Disease. 

Renovation and modernisation of the Nephrology Department along with the newly built Dialysis Centre. 


Independent Public Clinical Hospital No 1 in Lublin 

Stanisława Staszica 16  

The Public Hospital no 1 was established in XVIII century and named after saint Vincent a Paulo. The name was changed in 1950 to State Clinical Hospital no 1. The first established clinic was the Dermatology and after the hospital renaming, the Ophthalmology Department. 11 Dec 1998 the Ministry of Health and Social Services transformed the State Clinical Hospital no 1 into the Independent Public Clinical Hospital no 1 in Lublin. 





•  The oldest hospital in Lublin- established over 70 years ago 

•  Over 600 beds 

•  Over 35 000 patients per year        

•  Over 15 000 operations per year  

•  Over 1 500 newborns per year 

•  17 highly specialized clinics 

•  Over 1500 employees (over 550 nurses and midwives, over 350 doctors) 

•  Modernization of the building 2022 

•  3 banks: bank of hematopoietic cells, eye tissue bank and breastmilk bank 

•  center for comprehensive treatment of cancer ( Feb 2020) 

•  Awarded: accreditation from the Ministry of Health, ISO certificates 


Additional Information 

The breast milk bank is the only one in the Lublin’s Voivodship and functions within the Department of Obstetrics and Pathology of Pregnancy in the SPSK1 ( 19.04.2019). 

Foreign ophthalmologists are being taught by ophthalmologists from SPSK1 – Classes take place regularly at Chmielna Street within the framework of ESASO’s Lublin branch, which head office is based in Switzerland. Due to prof. Robert Rejdak’s efforts and cooperation with MUL, there was first in Europe and second in the world  branch of Swiss European School for Advanced Studies in Ophthalmology eestablished (ESASO). 

Planned modernisation 

Foundation of European Centre of Macula Innovation Therapies 


University Children’s Hospital 

Antoniego Gębali 6  

June 27 1997 official opening 





•  Over 400 beds 

•  16 highly specialized clinics 

•  25 specialized policlinics  

•  28 000 patients per year 

•  6 000 operations per year 

Additional Information

The university children’s hospital organizes events for the little and older children as well as for their parents, for example “Beautiful Mum”, where group of hairdressers and makeup stylists  give a treat patients and their mums; or “Chefs for children”. 


•  May 2011 certificate“Hospital With No Pain”, and 23 May 2019 

•  3rd price in national contest for highly specialized hospitals 

•  1st price in the national hospital competition “Pearls of medicine” 

•  ISO certificates 

•  Every year since 2001 accreditation certificates 


Planned modernisation 

Renovation started in 2019 and planned till 2021. 

Purchase of new equipment for the theatres, diagnostic imaging department, haematology and oncology department, anaesthesiology and clinics. 


Dental Clinical Center 

W. Chodzki 6





Established in 2020. The new building has 8 storey, with total area of 9000 meter square. The facility consists of multifunctional lecture hall, classrooms and dental offices for standard treatment and specialised one with the use of general anaesthetic. 

Additional Information 

The institute is equipped with 136 dental chairs with the most modern tooling and apparatus, including computed tomography units. MU in Lublin is planning to develop a dental outpatient clinic for children and adults with a disability certificate (there will be rooms specially designed for general anaesthetic treatment), treatment for oncological therapies complications, early diagnosis of mouth cancer, treatment and monitoring of patients with premalignant lesions. 


Medical  Simulation  Centre 

W. Chodźki 4  




Opened in October 2018 

MSC is dedicated to education of medical specialists and researchers. It allows to teach in field of paediatrics, dentists, nurses, obstetrics, physiotherapists and emergency medicine. 

MSC provides: 

Modern didactic space for both MU clinics and departments 

Technical support in the organisation of exams and tests – programme assistance, drawing up test books, checking answer cards, developing results and statistics, psychometric analysis 

Methodological support during the simulations and classes – selecting the right methodology and exercise and method of assessment 

Objective structured clinical examinations (OSCE) 

Classes with simulated patients 

In the MSC building you can find: 

•  Ambulance simulator 

•  Intensive care rooms (x2) 

•  Emergency hospital ward 

•  BLS and ALS rooms 

•  Operating block 

•  nursing skills classroom 

•  Technical skills classrooms 

•  Delivery unit 

•  Obstetric skills classroom 

•  Interdisciplinary classroom 

•  Virtual reality laboratory 

•  Surgical skills classrooms 

•  Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) rooms 

•  Rooms for standardised patients 

•  quiet learning room 

•  auditorium 

The simulation may help avoiding mistakes in the future, which is the main goal of MSC. 

There is also a multimedia library, not only to use printed textbooks, but also a wide range of electronic information resources, bibliographic databases, source literature. The building will also contain rooms for self-study. 

Students can learn medical procedures, communication with patients and develop team working skills in: paediatrics, dentistry, nurses, obstetrics, emergency, medical analytics. MSC will provide the education conditions which are closest to the real life. 

Students are observed via Venice mirror. The proceedings are recorded via video cameras. All this give the opportunity to both teachers and students for producing constructive feedback. 

Additional Information 

Students of the Medical University in Lublin took the third place in the global competition in medical simulation Simchallenge during the Sesam conference in Paris - June 2017 

The students of the Medical University in Lublin tool 1st place in medical simulation of Simchallenge 2017 in Katowice - May 2017 

On children's day, students of the Medical Simulation Circle conducted first aid classes for pupils of PS - June 2017 




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