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Volunteer Center


The Volunteer Center organization was entered into the register of university student organizations in July 2014 by decision of the Rector of the Medical University of Lublin. 

Currently, the scientific supervisor of the organization is Mrs. prof. dr hab. medical science Marzena Samardakiewicz, and the board of the organization is made up of students of the Medical University of Lublin. 

Any student at the Medical University of Lublin can become a member of the Center. 


The goal of the Volunteer Center Organization is: 

  • Promoting the idea of ​​volunteering among the academic community. 

  • Initiating and supporting various forms of voluntary activities in the academic community of the Medical University of Lublin. 

  • Undertaking cooperation with organizations and institutions providing assistance to the needy. 

  • Providing general information about volunteering. 


The idea of ​​promoting the idea of ​​volunteering among the academic community was born in October 2013, when a group of students of our Alma Mater, members of the Student Scientific Association of Young Medics, decided to join their forces to help the sick and their families. In the 2013/2014 academic year, over 150 people reported willingness to participate in volunteering: students of nursing, medicine, physiotherapy, midwifery, pharmacy, public health, dietetics and emergency medicine. 

Supported by prof. Marta Makara-Studzińska became volunteers of the Good Samaritan Hospice in Lublin. They formed a well-coordinated 36-person team that for 5 months supported the care of Hospice patients, supported the patients in their daily activities, lifted their spirits by conversation or simply kept company in silence. The students volunteered a total of 525 hours of on-call time at the Lublin hospice. They intend to continue cooperation with the Good Samaritan Hospice in Lublin in the coming years. 

They also have numerous one-day actions organized by student volunteers, including occasional games for patients of the Children's Clinical Hospital in Lublin, St. Andrew's ball for students of the Special Educational Center in Lublin.  

As an organization of the Volunteer Center, we plan to expand the scope of our activities, which is why we are willing to cooperate with institutions / organizations providing assistance to those in need. We are open to new challenges! 


We cordially invite you to join our group! 


Address: W. Chodźki 9 (Dormitory No. 2, room 5), 20-093 Lublin 


Tel.: +48 81 448 79 03 [during office hours] 







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