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Admission for part-time Doctoral Studies - academic year 2017-2018

Admission for Doctoral Studies - academic year 2017-2018


Dean of the I Faculty of Medicine with Dentistry Division of the Medical University of Lublin:



Qualification proceedings will take place from August 21 to September 20, 2017.


Individuals applying for admission to Doctoral Studies in English are required to submit i following documents:


1. application form (according to the enclosed sample; computer-filled-in),

2. a copy of a diploma confirming the candidate’s holding the title of a doctor of medicine, a doctor of dentistry, a master of pharmacy, or of another related branch of science,

3. a certificate in English at least on the B2 level,

4. a curriculum vitae (CV),

5. 3 recent photographs,

6. a diploma supplement (the original document to be submitted for inspection) or a list of grades obtained during the 1st - and 2nd - cycle or long – cycle study courses (according to the student’s grade book),

7. in the case of Medical University of Lublin graduates, a calculated grade average confirmed by the Dean’s Office ; grade average is calculated as the arithmetic mean of arithmetic means calculated to the second decimal point (not counting the grade for a master’s thesis defense examination),

8. a certificate of an active participation in conferences with enclosed agenda of a scientific conferences where the research findings were presented,

9. a list of publications confirmed by the Library of the Medical University of Lublin,

10. a certificate of student internships in a country other than the country of study with its exact length,

11. a certificate of studies/internships within the framework of the Erasmus program,

12. participation in the organizing committee of the congress proved by an official agenda of a conference,

13. a research project (max. 3 pages), validated by the candidate for research advisor, which should contain:


              a. justification of topic selection and working title of the dissertation,

              b. determination of the research objective, research problems and hypotheses,

              c. description of the study method based on scientific literature,

              d. expected research findings and their possible practical application,

              e. cost of experiments to be conducted according to the research project.


14. an opinion on the candidate’s aptitude for scientific work issued by the predicted academic advisor with an indication that doctoral proceedings will be started and conducted in the given department,

15. a permission of a scientific advisor of the research project and the head of department where the project will be conducted,

16. a commitment to sign a civil contract concerning fee-paying for the study course between the Medical University of Lublin and a participant in part-time doctoral study course in English,

17. a copy of a valid visa or residence card or any other document entitling one to stay on the territory of the Polish Republic,

18. an insurance policy in case of disease or sequelae of adverse incidents comprising the period of education in Poland, or a European card of health insurance (EHIC), or a declaration to take out insurance with the National Health Fund (NFZ) immediately after study commencement.


The candidate encloses a signed list of submitted documents.

Documents drawn up in a language other than Polish or English have to be sworn-translated.

Applications for a study course submitted after the above named period are left without examination, in spite of what caused the delay. The time of document/application submission is the day on which the documents reached the Medical University of Lublin.


All necessary documents should be submitted in white signed files at the Dean’s Office of the I Faculty of Medicine with Dentistry Division, at Al. Racławickie 1, Collegium Novum, room 40, by 1 September  2017.

If you have any questions regarding the recruitment process please send us the e-mail on: edyta.pawlat@umlub.pl, contact person - Edyta Pawłat, tel. 81 448 60 04.


Dean of the I Faculty of Medicine with Dentistry Division of the Medical University of Lublin Prof. Ryszard Maciejewski, MD, Ph.D.

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