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Dentistry Program


Prepares students students to provide professional patient care as well as educate on preventive and therapeutic dental activities. DDS students acquire knowledge in the field of diagnosis of the most common diseases and assessment of the patient's condition, as well as in the field of health promotion, health education and research along with the dissemination of its results.


Why Dentistry at MUL?


We offer a smart-designed, complete study program in accordance with the latest standards of medical dentistry education worldwide. Our students acquire both theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience in a modern, friendly and unified educational environment. We employ effective didactic methods and technologies, such as medical simulation, problem-based learning and medical cases. Since we believe in moving classroom exercises to real-life practice, our students have opportunity to work with patients in teaching hospitals.


Choose Dentistry if you want to:


  • explore the functioning of the human body and symptoms of the most popular diseases of the oral cavity
  • learn how to plan, organize and conduct preventive and therapeutic dental activities;
  • develop the skills necessary to practice as a dentist;
  • discover the nature of the doctor-patient relationship during summer clerkships;


Our Dentistry Program equips you with both expert medical knowledge and practical skills necessary to practise as adentist.


Studying at MUL:


  • high level of education 
  • international environment
  • variety of extracurricular activities


Graduate Profile: 


Graduates of our dentistry Program receive DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery, lekarz-dentysta) degree. They possess fundamental theoretical knowledge and skills that allow them to work in dental offices of various specialties. They are also prepared to work in facilities related to health prevention and pre-medical assistance in kindergartens and schools, in order to organize and conduct preventive and therapeutic dental activities and to keep medical records in accordance with the latest standards.










June 2024


Meeting with the Dean - 5th-6th AM/TW, 4th-6th INT

Students of 5th and 6th year Regular and BIS, and 4th - 6th year International! Next online meeting with the Dean for you will take place online on Monday, April 24, at 19:45....

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