Medical University of Lublin

Epidemiological Safety Instructions

Safety Requirements for In Person Classes


  • You are in quarantine or isolation;
  • You live with a person in quarantine or isolation;
  • You have symptoms characteristic for COVID-19 (higher temperature, cough, runny nose, difficulty in breathing, loss of smell or taste, muscle pains).



  • you are obliged to undero body temperature check. In case of temperature 37,8°C or higher, you can’t be admitted to class and are obliged to contact the dean’s office;
  • get to know the basic coronavirus spread prevention measures;
  • while waiting to enter the classroom, keep the distance of 1,5 meter from others, cover your nose and mouth.



  • at the entrance, disinfect your hands with a disinfectant of at least 60% alcohol and according to the instruction;
  • use only your own things - don't borrow or use accessories belonging to your colleagues!
  • you can leave the building for a break, keeping a 1,5 meter distance from others;
  • teachers, students, and patients present in class should have their mouth and nose covered;
  • the classrooms should be appropriately ventilated;
  • door to the classroom should be open to avoid touching it. Frequently touched surfaces should be regularly disinfected;
  • bring to the classroom only things you really need; leave the rest of your things home or in the cloakroom. Mobile phones should not be used and should be turned off during class.


What to Do if Infection Is Suspected in a Staff Member or Student?

  • Stay home in you experience symptoms suggesting a coronavirus infection. Contact the local sanitary-epidemiological station or infectious diseases department by phone and notify your direct supervisor (employees) or the dean’s office (students).

  • A person with symptoms of infection should immediately be sent home by individual transport. They are obliged to ask for a doctor’s advice or report to a sanitary-epidemiological station. If a person showing symptoms of infection cannot use individual transport, they are isolated in a designated room and await sanitary transport.

  • In case of a high risk of spreading infection, persons in direct contact with the person suspected of a coronavirus infection are referred to work from home or take classes through distance learning.

  • In case of an infection, it should be immediately reported to the building’s or student dorm’s supervisor in order to determine the area where the infected person was present and cut off this area. This area is then cleaned and disinfected.

  • A list of persons present in the same part of the building as a person suspected of infection should be drawn. Then instructions of the General Sanitary Inspector, available at and, considering the persons who had contact with an infected person, should be followed.

  • All information regarding a suspicion or confirmation of COVID-19 infection should be immediately reported to the Rector of the Medical University of Lublin at the address:



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