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Medical Voluntary Service

During the time of ongoing epidemic threat in connection with COVID-19, the idea was born to establish a MEDICAL VOLUNTARY SERVICE created as a program under The Volunteer Center of the Medical University of Lublin.



Why do we need the medical voluntary service?

The dynamically changing situation in many clinical units of SPSK4, SPSK1, USzD (Children’s Hospital) or UCS (University Dental Center) resulting from the ongoing epidemic threat of SARS-COV-2, has become an impulse to introduce Medical Voluntary Service. Students of all MUL faculties who wish to join in the work of clinical hospitals can participate in
Medical Voluntary Service.


What kind of help might be needed?

Your help may prove invaluable both in the clinics with patients, as well as at the triage units for people entering the hospital! Everything will depend on the current demand.


Due to special epidemic rigors, Medical Volunteering CANNOT be carried out in the following departments: ICU, Infectious Disease Department, Laboratories!


Volunteering and summer clerkships

 Hours devoted to working in Medical Voluntary Service may be the basis for obtaining a credit for summer clerkship. The scope in which the medical volunteering entitles to get a credit for summer clerkship is regulated by the rules and regulations. Summer clerkship coordinators will have knowledge of the established regulations and accept certificates on the scope of completed medical volunteering


How should you search if and where you are needed?

The volunteer applies for a specific task on his own! Monitor the announcements that will appear on the volunteer group on Facebook. Coordinators of Medical Voluntary Service post information on who, when and for what help is currently needed. A volunteer applies for a specific action via Facebook or finds himself the place where he is needed. In such case, the volunteer informs the coordinators about the place of medical volunteering.


All information about medical voluntary service, will be shared on the website of the Volunteer Center organization on Facebook and on the University’s portals. Posts on medical voluntary service will be shared on websites of other organizations and universities.


Who can you contact in case of any questions? 

Coordinatiors of Medical Voluntary Service:

  • Oliwia Lulko, Gabriela Różańska, Sylwiusz Niedobylski – for Polish Students
  • Sylwia Krasowska – for Foreign Students


Contact: and Facebook


Coordinator of the Volunteer Center Organisation:

Marzena Samardakiewicz, MD, Ph.D:





March 2021