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URGENT - fire protection statement submission requirement for ALL the students

Dear All,

The students of the Medical University of Lublin are required to get familiar with the training materials concerning fire protection, as well as submit the statement on becoming acquainted with the provisions governing that matter.

Both training course and statement are available at the FRONTDESK platform in the “Trainings” section. Once you get familiar with the contents of the training course, please download the statement, sign it and send its scan as an attachment to the case opened at FRONTDESK platform: “Fire protection for students”.

Link to the FRONTDESK platform:

The statement shall be submitted by January 31, 2023. Please bear in mind that it is a non-extendible deadline. It is known that there have been some issues with access to the FRONTDESK platform. Students have been reporting failure to get the login tokens. In such case, it is advisable to delete all unnecessary messages from the inbox folder in the student mailbox (as well as empty the trash) and try to log in again.



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