Medical University of Lublin


It is the mission of the Medical University to conduct scientific research, to improve, on a regular basis, the level of health-related services and  the  quality of education of students and graduates to ensure thet they demonstrate thorough knowledge, superior practical skills, and an ability to learn independently, and that they follow the principles of professional ethics and deontology.


University graduates are prepared to disseminate the knowledge acquired, to promote a healthy lifestyle, and to effectively solve health-related problems of the society, both current and future, with due consideration for the wellbeing of patients.


In discovering and sharing the truth by the way of conducting research and educating students, the University constitutes an integral part of national system of education and science.


The University cooperates with the business environment, particularly in selling and transferring, free of charge,the result of research and development work to entrepreneurs as well in promoting the idea of entrepreneurship in the academic environment.


In conducting its activity, the University follows the principles of freedom in teaching and in carrying out scientific research.


The core competences of the University include:

-educating students and doctoral students in medical, pharmaceutical, health sciences with a view to acquiring and developing their knowledge and skills required in professional, scientific, and educational work;

-instilling in students and doctoral students a sense of responsibilities for Poland, reinforcing the principles of democracy and human rights,

-conducting scientific research and development work as well as rendering research-related services;

-educating and assisting in the advancement of the scientific staff;

-participating in the provision of medical care on the basis of independent public health care establishments established by the University and cooperating with other health-care entities;

-promoting and developing scientific achievements, national culture and technology including collecting and making library and information resources available;

-conducting post-graduete studies, courses, and training courses with a view to developing new skills required on the job market as part of lifelong education system,

-creating conditions conducive to the development of physical culture among students;

-acting to the benefit of local and regional communities;

-acting as a founding body for health care establishments;

-executing tasks which fall within the terms of reference of national security, civil defence and crisis management withing the meaning of binding legal provisions;

-providing adequate condition for the disabled to fully participate in education and in scientific research.


The University may establish a scientific centre under an agreement with other universities, scientific institutes of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, and with research institutes including foreign scientific institutes and intarnational institutions which conduct scientific and research activity with a view to executing statutory tasks.


A scientific centre may also be established within the structure of the University.


The University shall execute employers’s tasks within the terms of reference of its social activity.


The University shall establishe its own scholarship fund for its employees, students, and postgraduate students.


The authorities of the Medical University of Lublin have an obligation to ensure that their students have the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills, behaviors and attitudes required to practice scientifically based medicine throughout their professional carriers. The faculty pays particular attention to both how their students are being educated in the basic sciences, and how they learn about the value of clinical research to the purpose of the future practice of medicine.


The Medical University of Lublin has created distinguished research programs in health sciences. In recent years our University has conducted research and developed collaborative projects with many leading universities in Europe and the U.S.A. While advanced research at the University is carried out in virtually every field of modern medicine, its research contributions are most widely recognized in such disciplines as immunology surgery, nephrology, gynecology and obstetrics (especially perinatology), immunology, genetics,pathophysiology, biochemistry and molecular biology, neurologypediatrics, radiology, orthopedics, cardiosurgery,epidemiology and forensic medicine.


The investigations conducted at the Medical University of Lublin are presented in several hundred research papers published yearly in professional journals.


The Medical University of Lublin is one of the top medical schools in Poland and ensures high quality academic and clinical education programs for professionals, graduate and undergraduate students as well as provides its patients with the best treatments and support available.


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