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The history of the Medical University of Lublin goes back to 1944 when the Faculty of Medicine was included as part of the newly founded Maria Curie-Skłodowska University. In 1950 the Faculty separated from MCSU to form the independent Medical Academy. Throughout the years, new areas of research and education, such as nursing, pharmacy, or dentistry, were added. In 2001 the English Language Division was founded which has been offering education in Medicine in the English language to students from all over the world. In 2008 Medical Academy transformed into a university, assuming the name of the Medical University of Lublin.


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By combining the concepts of tradition and novelty, we develop qualified and trained staff of medical professions, on the basis of scientific and didactic resources.  

As the academic society, we participate  in the changes that  take place in the market, with care for quality and competitiveness of education system. 

We raise awareness of  the need of a constant development and of necessity to gain knowledge from achievements in the field of science and economy among people who are educated and who educate in the field of medical sciences and health sciences.


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We would like Medical University of Lublin to become: 


  • a medical University renowned in state and global academic  rankings, due to educational offer focused on results and high innovation level of conducted research
  • a place friendly for an individual development of every student, graduate and  person who is professionally active, who wants to improve professional qualifications 
  • a University open to socio-economic environment and gaining greater knowledge and inspiration from it, in order to educate effectively 
  • a place giving students opportunities for a good job and recognition of its Diploma among employers within a country and in Europe 
  • a European University promoting its region, where education in medical professions is combined with scientific cooperation of research teams within its structure, and among universities, in order to gain a better understanding of a current state of knowledge and achievements  in the field of medicine 
  • a university that is well managed, having its own system of ensuring quality and building its own  culture of quality, where an employee, a student, an academic teacher, an academic professor and other members of academic society understand their roles in the University structure – and fulfil them consciously.




June 2023


Meeting with the Dean - 5th-6th AM/TW, 4th-6th INT

Students of 5th and 6th year Regular and BIS, and 4th - 6th year International! Next online meeting with the Dean for you will take place online on Monday, April 24, at 19:45....

To All Candidates to 2022/2023 academic year

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