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prof. dr hab. n. med. Halina Lach
Profesor nadzwyczajny

Faculty Description

The main aim of the Program within Faculty of Medicine is to provide students with education within the field of medicine and electroradiology. Program of the Faculty offers stationary and non-stationary studies based on curricula accepted by the Faculty Board. After a  6 year Program students are given the title of a physician, and after a 3 year Program a title of a electroradiology specialist. Both programs prepare graduates for individual work within a given profession and research work. Since 1995, Medical University of Lublin has offered medical studies in English.


First foreign students came from the USA and started education on 6 MD advanced Program, for candidates who graduated from 3 year premedical courses. After that, 6 year MD Program for candidates from the USA and Canada started, adjusted to American Education standards but also fulfilling the requirements of Polish and EU standards. 2005 students from European countries, mainly from Scandinavia joined American groups. European Program has the same standards and requirements as the Polish Program. In 2008 students from Asia (mainly from Taiwan) and in 2010 students from Saudi Arabia started their studies at the Medical University of Lublin. In 2008 Dental Program was established. Students got their first diplomas with the tile of doctor on dental surgery in June 2013. Medical University of Lublin does not run recruitment process of candidates, interested in studies in English. Four recruitment agencies – two from the USA, one from Taiwan and one from Norway deal with that. They recruit candidates and undertake document checks. Then, documents are passed to the Dean’s Office of English Language Division in order to run the final document verification and to conduct an interview with students. Medical University of Lublin offers pre-courses for its candidates.



March 2023



To All Candidates to 2022/2023 academic year

Study with us. We offer four programs in English. Join us Do you want to become a nurse or a midwife? Or maybe you want to study medicine and dentistry? The Medical University of...